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Investing time on discovering Italian high quality vineyards, with good quality/price ratio and able to deal with International market dynamics.
From Campania

A vineyard on the Vesuvius slopes in Herculaneum, an ancient town which has legendary origins. The terrain’s fertility of volcanic origin, makes this area a great wine production place, renowned for centuries.
The land of cultivation extends itself on both slopes of the volcano, where the terroir is rich of minerals perfect for the vines growing and benefit from the perfect casual land-climate combination. 

Sannino's Lacryma Christi was released at LCBO Vintage on October, 1st 2011; please check this link.
Gord Stimmel article about Sannino's Lacryma Christi; please check this link.
The Cortese di Gavi grape is a native variety from 1630, which grows only in this area. 
The Marchese Luca Spinola vineyards are located in a particularly favourable area, 200 metres above sea level, whose unique exposure ensures the vines receive sunlight all year round. The excellence of the grapes means no ingredients need to be sourced from outside the production area; his constant focus is the use of natural processes and ingredients:
the yeasts are selected from the company’s own grapes, to ensure the maximum expression of the terroir
the freshly cut grapes are cooled with a jet of carbonic snow (dry ice), producing a highly scented must able to conserve the aromas subsequently found in the wine.


From Emilia Romagna
The farm Casa Bella of Ziano Piacentino, which up to the early 1900’s belonged to the Montemartini family of Ziano, was taken over in 1991 by a small group of partners who, with great passion, founded the current agricultural firm, taking over the Piacenza part of the farm. 
In about 50 hectares of vineyards, where Bonarda, Barbera, Ortrugo and Malvasia grapes are grown, 10 wine-dressers eagerly work and year after year the prune, tie and harvest with love and dedication.

From Sardinia
U TABARKA is located San Pietro Island is an island approximately 7 km off the South western Coast of Sardinia, Italy.
The island is of volcanic origin and the 18 km of its coasts are mostly rocky; Tanca Gioia
originates in Carloforte, a small town in the enchanting island of S.Pietro, and from the bond with this land it takes its name and character.
The vineyard is located in Gioia, a little town in the heart of the island, and is structured on more than one level very close to myrtle and Aleppo Pines.
The grapes grown are all native varieties such as Carignano, Muristellu, moscato di Calasetta, Nasco Aromatico and Vermentino.

From Piedmont
Since the days of our ancestor, Marchese Leopoldo, dating back to the mid 1800’s, we have been devoted to the vineyard cultivation in our unique terroir, the Monferrato Hills. It is widely well-known that Marchese della Rocchetta planted in his estate in Tuscany in the 1940s the Cabernet Sauvignon that soon became synonymous to the word SASSICAIA.
 Along with the hills of Langhe and Roero very nearby, these hills deliver some of the best wines in the world.
We are specialized in production of indigenous ancient grapes from the area such as Grignolino, Cortese and Moscato.

From Piedmont