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I am an Eleventh generation Roman. My father worked in the wine business since I was a little child. Today, as I have been engaging in business in North America, I have realized the importance of the Italian Ancient Values: Meals are a life asset, cooking is integral to relationships and socializing, and the quality of food is a Must to enjoy taste and flavour.

I have realized and I have been appreciating more and more in the US and Canada - where meals are too often taken in front of a Computer or watching TV - that the values of Ancient Italian Tastes and Flavours are even more compelling and appealing today. And so is the idea of taking time to enjoy the pleasure from choosing the finest quality ingredients to preparing simple food fresh and sharing with the people you love.

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Business Activities

Vinitaly 2016
Assisting my portfolio vineyards negotiations with International buyers
The Great Escape, Calgary, Nov. 2015
Assisting the agency I collaborate with in Alberta, to introduce participants to Italian wines I represent to the audience.
November 2015
Assisting the agency I collaborate with in Alberta, to train restaurants' staff and to wine clubs' tastings
In October, I attended with Savian's vini CEO wine events in the following US cities:

- San Francisco
- Los Angeles
- Vancouver

August 2015
Interviewed with Mr. Pascal, CEO of an North American company specialized on landing European wines to the New Continent.
Interview available at this link.
In January, I attended with Savian's vini CEO wine events in the following US cities:

- Chicago
- Washington, DC
- Miami

Then in the other following US cities:

- Atlanta
- Los Angeles
- Portland
- Seattle
- Vancouver

February 2015
Interviewed about Chanti Poggioprimo by Mr. Beckor, CEO of Winewire specialized on offering wines in Ontario.
Interview available at this link.
In June, I have been interviewed in Toronto by Winewire a growing business in Canada able to supply wine door 2 door to private consumer respencting the Canadian mandatory rules on alcohol distribution. Wine feautured: Gelso Nero.Interview available at this link.
February 2015
Breakfast Television Canada features Jasci & Marchesani Organic Pecorino.
Interview available at this link.
In September, I attended with Savian's vini CEO wine events in the following US cities:

- Washington DC
- Atlanta
- Miami

In July, I attended a Corporate wine tasting for 6 of my producers in Gothenburg, Sweden​

The Globe and Mail article about one of my client placed at LCBO by me.
Article available at this link.

In May, I attended with Savian's and Pirro Varone's CEOs wine events in the following US cities:

- Dallas
- Kansas City 
- Minneapolis
- Chicago
​- NYC

In March and April I attended with Jasci & Marchesani the most prestigious European wine fairs.


Marenco Surì was released at LCBO Vintage on January, 14th 2015; please check this link
Organic Pecorino by Jasci & Marchesani was released at LCBO Vintage on February, 7th 2015; please check this link.
Jasci & Marchesani Nerube' was released at LCBO Vintage on November, 7th 2013; please check this link.
Autumn 2013 " Uncorked!" edition, has ranked2 of my wines among the best 100 wines in Alberta: Jasci's Trebbiano and Podere 29's Gelso Nero
In June, trading mission in Ontario with Mr. Savian (Savian vini) and Mr. Ribezzo (Pirro Varone); scheduled wine tastings with our agency in Ontario in the following restaurants:
- Mercatto
- Terroni
- Crush
- Spoke Club
- Campagnolo
In June, trading mission in Alberta with Mr. Savian (Savian vini) and Mr. Ribezzo (Pirro Varone); scheduled wine tastings with our agency in:
- Canmore Wine Merchants
- Banff Wine Shop
- Black square, Calgary
- Model Milk, Calgary
- Enoteca, Calgary
- Carino Bistrot, Calgary

In June, trading mission in Poland with Marenco's and Savian's CEOs; scheduled meetings with distributors in Warsaw.
In October,met US wine importers in Verona interested on importing Amarone and Ripasso.
Rudini's Eloro Pachino was released at LCBO Vintage on March, 3rd 2012; please check this link.
​Italian dinner held at Italian restaurant in GTA "Pastaggio" to present this wine; video available at this link.
Sannino's Lacryma Christi was released at LCBO Vintage on October, 1st 2011 please check this link.
Check Gord Stimmel Sannino's Lacryma Christi review at this link.
Check Gord Stimmel Jasci's Nerube' review at this link.
​Participating at "Gourmet Wine & Food Expo" in Toronto from November 17th to 20th, 2011.
Introducing LCBO New Release Sannino's Lacryma Christi to public audience.
Wine tasting held at "The Fine Wine Reserve" wine club in Toronto to introduce wines to club's members.
Sampled Savian, Marenco and Pirro Varone's Organic wines.
In September, Toronto's Queen University delegation made a case study on Savian's vineyard.
Savian is Zero Carbon footprint and Vegan friendly.

Check the interview at this link.
In June, I joined World Wine Meetings Fair in Chicago with "Lomazzi & Sarli" autochthonous producer from Puglia.
Marenco's Pirun was released at LCBO Vintage on March, 6th 2010; please check this link.
Italian dinner with food wine pairing held by me at Pallucci's restaurant, Toronto. Check this 
February 2016
Jasci & Marchesani's Janu' is awarded 99/99 points by Luca Maroni.
February 2016
Gelso Nero, vineyard in my portfolio, has been featured by Avenue Calgary life style magazine.
More info at this link.
​July 2016 - Toronto Bayview Golf and Country Club.

A great turnout at Italian Wine maker dinner.
In September, I attended Wine Tastings with Marenco Vineyard CEO, in the following US cities;

- Miami
- Dallas
- Los Angeles
- San Francisco
In Vancouver, Wine Tasting of Italian Certicate Organic, Vegan friendly wines.

Savian and Marenco's wines have been samples at Harrison Galeries, Vancouver downtown.

In March, at Casa Rosario restaurant, in Dusseldorf, Germany, I organized a wine tastings of Premium wines of Tenuta Colletto, inviting Canadian agents whom I collaborate with.
Colletto sparkling wines stay between 24 to 48 months on yeast and refined i bottle for 24 months.
In April I have held a Wine Tasting presentation at Old Mill Restaurant, one of the oldest restaurant in Toronto, where I featured 2 Certified Organic wines produced by Marenco, Piedmont. These wines have won Siver and Bronze Decanter and they are available in Ontario at this link..

In May, I went with the agency I collaborate with from British Columbia, to visit some vineyards part of my portfolio of which, their wines, will be soon available in Vancouver, Canada

In October, Colletto Wines presented at Harrison Gallery, Vancouver. 
High End Niche Sparkling wines produced by slow fermentation on yeast for 36 months.
In November, Nicola Jasci, by Jasci & Marchesani and I introduced the new labels for this extraordinary certified organic vineyard to stores and restaurants in Calgary
In November, Nicola Jasci, by Jasci & Marchesani and I introduced his wines to Vancouver potential clientele at Harrison Gallery.
In February Mr. William Savian and I visited with our agency in Alberta the stores which carry Savian wines and Good Earth Coffee headquarter; this high-quality coffee chain carries Savian Wines

In March Mr. William Savian and I joined Vancouver International Wine Festival with our agency in BC. Our wines are already present in Vancouver; this was a good opportunity to launch new labels

On 25th of May, I have presented Postumia Vini wines to a luncheon at the Prestigious Albany Club in downtown Toronto.
We featured Millesimato, Pinot Grigio, Verduzzo and Refosco dal Peduncolo Rosso.

In May, one of my best producers Jasci & Marchesani has won 3 Decanter medals; these wines are Certified Organic and are producer by the first vineyard to be certified in Italy in 1978.
In November, Mr. Savian and I presented to various clients in Toronto, Edmonton and Calgary the new Savian bottles and labels

In February, Savian Vini from Veneto, Jasci & Marchesani from Abruzzo and I have participated to Vancouver International Wine Festival with our trusted agency in British Columbia. 
These 2 vineyards are Certified Organic and their wines are Vegan Friendly.

Here, Mr. Savian and I have been interviewed by Mr. Jamie Drummond a Canadian influencer of Wine and Food. In this video you can be informed about the wine techniques of this Certified Organic, Zero-Carbon Footprint and Vegan Friendly Vineyard.

Video link.
In March, I featured Jasci & Marchesani wines into a Private Wine Pairing Dinner where I personally prepared the dishes with the help of the agent from Alberta I collaborate with.
The best way to pair Itaian wine is with Italian food!
Succulent plates for bold wines; the audience and Mr. Nicola Jasci, vineyard's owner, were delightfully entertained!
In May, with Mr. Savian I presented Organic Savian Vini to food and wine professionals in Calgary and Vancouver. 
During the drive between these 2 cities, we stopped by Summerhill Vineyard in Kelowna, BC; this vineyard age some of its production in a Pyramid, following very old alchemical techniques.
In June,  I presented Organic Jasci & Marchesani wines (from Abruzzo)with Mr. Jasci to food and wine professionals at Homer Restaurant in Vancouver downtown.
An article of this wonderful 
event at this link.
In February, I attended Vancouver International Wine Festival with my 2  Organic producers: Savian from Veneto and Jasci & Marchesani from Abruzzo. 
Thanks to Chris and Norman, owners of the agency I collaborate with in British Columbia.
In March, at Homer Restaurant in downtown Vancouver, I conducted a Wine maker dinner featuring Jasci & Marchesani at the presence of 70 guests and the Italian Official Consulate Office in Vancouver 
In September, during my annual trip to Italy,
I had the privilege to interview the owner of 
L'Avvetura vineyard, the latest entry
 in my portfolio.
It produces the Cru of Cesanese del Piglio,
because is located very close to this little town 
just at the south of Rome.

Watch and enjoy it!