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From Piedmont
Organic vineyard certified by ICEA
MARENCO ALDO & FIGLI wine company is one of the few productive structures 
on these lands that can boast the precious, old title of “farmhouse.” 
Today, from a modern point of view, in our estate we follow those same ancient principles. We favour vine growing and give it the greatest care, thanks to our ancestors teachings which enable us to get, in genuine
way since 1991, checked and biological products, controlled and guaranteed by I.C.E.A. 
(Ethical and Environmental Certification Institute)

Marenco Pirun was released at LCBO Vintage on March, 6th 2010; please check this link.
From Veneto
A case study was conducted by Queen's University, Canada for our Zero Carbon footprint. 
Since 1983 we have been applying strict production practices in our vineyards in order to guarantee proper cultivation and plant health as defined by organic farmic regulations. The decision to shift towards Organic production comes from our desire to offer to our customers a perfectly genuine product while safeguarding the enviroment.  

Zero Carbon foot print, Vegan friendly Organic vineyard certified by ICEA, NOP and Delinat.
Interview by Queen's University; here the link.
From Abruzzo
Organic vineyard certified by USA, COR, ICEA.
It is the third vineyard that was Certified Organic in 1978, to develop and emphasize to the best of the varietal expression in correlation with soil characteristics.
 Located to the proximity of the sea, ideal habitat for viticulture that leads to
select grapes able of expressing the full richness of our land, protected and cultivated only with natural products.

Jasci & Marchesani is ranked by Luca Maroni the Best Italian Wine Producer.

Nerubé Organic Montepulciano was released at LCBO Vintage on November, 9th 2013; please check this link.
Organic Pecorino was released at LCBO Vintage on February, 7th 2015; please check this link.
Marenco Surì was released at LCBO Vintage on January, 14th 2015; please check this link.
From Tuscany
  Tenuta di Maiano was born to realize the owner’s dream to create an authentic wine following the primordial rhythm of nature. 1984 marks the beginning of an inseparable link between Tenuta Maiano and the Organic wine production world. Just copper, sulphur and natural organic fertizers are used in line with the ancient agricultural techniques of the Chianti area. These methods, even though more expensive allow to obtain a Natural Wine with a complex taste.


From Friuli

Vigna Lenuzza is a boutique winery located in a small wine village called Prepotto, located close to the boarder between Italy and Slovenia; exactly among Collio and Collio Orientali.

We produce high quality, organic wines and we strive to cultivate an international legacy that is poured into wine glasses all over the world. We are so proud of our region, our culture, our traditions and our wine’s potential to awake and stir emotion in people. We currently produce 45 000 bottles a year, which is a mix of all our varieties. We produce both white and red varieties with a strong focus on our indigenous varieties.


The Gloge & Mail wrote an article on us on July 6th 2014; please check this link.